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A Taste Of: Drunken Embers Lip Butter

Posted on January 02 2017

We come out with a new lip butter flavor with the turning of each new season. It's really quite collectible. 

The pillar products in our line (beard oils, balms, and the like) become locations on the map of our realm and get their own stories.

The smaller products like lip butters, however, are akin to those small items in your RPG game inventory that you know you're going to need for a side quest eventually.

Drunken Embers Is...

banana and marshmallow licked by flame and swimming in spirits

This may be our most decadent butter yet. Be assured there is more than a little magic in this holiday concoction.

First we take the exotic richness of bananas and drown them in bourbon. Light it aflame, we say! But this delectable treat is not yet complete.

Instead of the easily slain dollops of iced cream, we lay on top mounds of marshmallow. Then also light it aflame. As you do.

And it is now available in the webshoppe. Claim yours.



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