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A Taste Of: Stone Tea Lip Butter

We come out with a new lip butter flavor with the turning of each new season. It's really quite collectible. 

The pillar products in our line (beard oils, balms, and the like) become locations on the map of our realm and get their own stories.

The smaller products like lip butters, however, are akin to those small items in your RPG game inventory that you know you're going to need for a side quest eventually.

Stone Tea Is...

a spot of tea with a swirl of wildflower honey and summer stonefruit

Early summer is warm and cool enough to make a spot of tea an absolute delight. We paired it with honey on top of the natural honey of our raw, organic Canadian beeswax.

But what would springtime be without some new fruit? Apricot is an unexpected companion to the depth of and bergamot brightness of Earl Grey.

And it is now available in the webshoppe. Claim yours.

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