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A Taste Of: Sunfall Spirits Lip Butter

Posted on July 01 2017

We come out with a new lip butter flavor with the turning of each new season. It's really quite collectible. 

The pillar products in our line (beard oils, balms, and the like) become locations on the map of our realm and get their own stories.

The smaller products like lip butters, however, are akin to those small items in your RPG game inventory that you know you're going to need for a side quest eventually.

Sunfall Spirits Is...

luscious sweet heady spirits on an equatorial breeze

Having been to paradise once or twice, any combination of the floral tea of hibiscus, coconut everything and dark rum transports us right back to that heaven where the sky and sea become one at sunset.

Last summer's Stone Tea was a lighter take on the season, while Sunfall Spirits is the pure distillation of that sun-drenched time, or place, depending on where you are in the world. Some are blessed enough to revel in bath-warm oceans year round.

And it is now available in the webshoppe. Claim yours.



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