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Small Business Saturday 2017

Choose Your Own Adventure

Seasonal beard oils, balms and waxes, butters for beards and lips, and buttons and stickers oh my.Fill your bag of holding with any two River Peak Apothecary beard goods from the same collection and you'll get the matching seasons lip butter and flair with it as well.

Best of all, shipping is on us when you buy on Small Business Saturday, November 25th (use code ShopSmall at checkout).

Choose Wisely

Beard Oil: Conditioning/Medium • Hold/None
Beard Balm: Conditioning/Medium • Hold/Light
Beard Wax: Conditioning/Light • Hold/Medium
Beard Butter {Best Seller}: Conditioning/High • Hold/Minimal

Gifts with Purchase

Button or Sticker {Choose which one on your order notes or it will be a surprise}
Lip Butter: Like lip balm, but so much more buttery

See the selections:

Fjordmist • The Spirit of Spring

Dragonsea • The Spirit of Summer

Hearthstone • The Spirit of Autumn

Frostwood • The Spirit of Winter

Spiritbrook • The Spirit of Whenever

Deepwell • The Spirit of Pure

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