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Soft Hearts {and soft everything else} for Valentine's Day

Posted on February 03 2019

Whether you and/or the one you love have beards, lips, or skin, this section of the collection is all about getting closer, and made by the barbers of Beardsgaard, right here at the Apothecary.

Lip Butter Bakery Pack

What, we ask, is the point of doing it up for Valentine's Day if you aren't going to have soft, kissable lips when the time comes? Keep your kissing parts soft, smooth, and tasting of some truly delicious baked goods.

Beard Balm Adventure Pack

Many men of beard enjoy letting their beard product double as personal fragrance. Our Beard Balm Adventure pack gives all the scents of the seasons, in tins small enough to take with you everywhere.

Moonsands Sugar Scrub

Whether your skin is comparable to elf, dwarf or hobbit in terms of, ehrm, fur coverage, we all want soft, smooth, well moisturized skin. Moonsands Sugar Scrub does all of that in the shower, and rinses clean and non-greasy. We will leave the rest of the evening to your imagination...

Whether for your love themselves, or for yourself for their benefit, this collection will have you ready for Valentine's Day. Get them here in the webshoppe, or in the real world of Beardsgaard Barbers.



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