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Super Badger Shaving Brush
Super Badger Shaving Brush
Super Badger Shaving Brush
Super Badger Shaving Brush
Captain Fawcett

Super Badger Shaving Brush

$ 52.00

Description: Barbers who do a lot of shaving will tell you that men who shave with a shave brush have better skin than those who don't. The bristles loosen dead skin and prop up each hair with rich, creamy lather for a phenomenal shave, and better and better skin each time you do it.

You can find Pure Badger (the lowest grade) shave brushes for as little as $20, and Silvertip Badger for multiple hundreds, but in the middle sits Best Badger with this well-stuffed offering from Captain Fawcett.

Lower grades with their trimmed bristles offer stiffness and a bit of exfoliation, more durability, and are great for use with harder shave soaps. Higher grades are harvested from special regions of the badger, like the hair on the back of the neck for the Silvertip, and are often delicately placed and untrimmed to offer superior softness.

This model gives you the best of both worlds with an elegant handle without breaking the bank.

Brand: Captain Fawcett’s range of Gentleman’s Requisites have graced movie and television sets the world over. If you ever wondered what the beards of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings smell like, look no further than this legendary brand, founded by “The Captain’s Right Hand Man” and good friend of the shop, the venerable Richie Finney.

Directions: Wet brush with hot water and with a quick swirling motion whisk the brush with shaving cream or over shaving soap. Build lather, then apply to face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and allow to dry naturally (preferably upside down) when finished.

Size: 4.3 in L / Bristles 2 in in Diamater

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