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Stickers • They Came From the Parking Lot

Stickers • They Came From the Parking Lot

$ 3.00

Limited Edition

Description: Beardsgaard is proud to present a collaboration with local artists. Their artwork is presented for sale in the shop and on our webstore, in addition to a brand new design for a limited edition T-Shirt and sticker.

Anthony Burkhead is a good friend of the shop, in that he is one of he tattoo artists next door at Fallen Star Tattoo. We all patronize him and his compatriots far more than is good for our wallets. He is all about horror and monster movies, and has quite a few original drawings available for sale in shop.

For his Beardsgaard design, he essentially designed a poster for They Came From the Parking Lot Part Deux, our now annual yearly zombie pumpkin destruction-a-thon that we make into an Astonishingly Terrible Short Film.

Waterproof and measuring 4" at their widest point, only 500 stickers will be printed, and when they're gone, they're gone.

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