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Diamond Pomade

Diamond Pomade

$ 16.00

Description: The staff of Beardsgaard was likely as excited about the arrival of Diamond Pomade as Prospectors was to release it to the world. It is lusciously soft and buttery to scoop from the tin, and applies just as easily.

Particularly good for thick, dense hair where your hair IS the hold, Diamond softens and smooths, drying to a beautiful sheen without looking wet and stays pliable and restylable all day.

  • Water soluble
  • Medium hold with a medium-high shine
  • Creamy texture that allows for easy application

Brand: Based out of California, as the name implies, this small, independent pomade company produces a great product with a fine level of attention to detail. It will certainly be one of the most stunning tins on your bathroom shelf.

Directions: For straight, slicked styles, apply liberally to dry, pre-styled hair, and comb through into shape. For styles with a little natural wave or curl, apply to 75-100% dry hair and use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to style.

Size: 4.5 oz

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