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Naturaltech Line • Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo
Naturaltech Line • Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo
Naturaltech Line • Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo

Naturaltech Line • Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo

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The Detoxifying Line: A family of revitalizing, regenerating and detoxifying products for scalps that are congested, lacking in tone, and hair stressed by external environmental factors.

This is a treatment designed to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify scalp and hair from environmental impurities, while carrying out an intense antioxidant action against smog and free radicals.

The Detoxifying family consists of one take-home product: Scrub Shampoo.

This line also includes two in-shop treatments: Mud (if you do what could be called a “dirty job”, this will get all the grit and gook off super well) and Superactive (prepares scalp for other treatments, promotes cell renewal, great for all sorts of problem scalps, especially those with fine, fragile hair prone to falling out).

Description:  Revitalizing shampoo for scalp lacking tone. This treatment combines delicate surfactants of natural origin with scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep cleansing of scalp, and a protective action against free radicals. 

It is intended for an in-depth cleansing of the scalp, in the case of asphyctic scalps (non-rosy appearance) and temporary light exfoliation. This formula contains natural and biodegradable jojoba microcapsules for a surface exfoliating action, and silica particles for a deeper reactivating action.

Brand: Beardsgaard (and by extension, River Peak Apothecary) is a proud stockist of Davines, an exclusive professional haircare brand from Parma Italy, founded in 1983. 

Naturaltech, as the name implies, expresses Davines’ attention to nature and the environment with the awareness that technology, if correctly applied to nature, can express nature’s characteristics at their very best with full respect for the environment.

Davines is one of the best in the world at what they do, but far more than that, they use their resources and passion to make things better and make things beautiful – for your hair and for the planet.

Read more about the Naturaltech Line and Detoxifying.


  • How to use ~ Apply a suitable amount of product to the scalp on damp hair. Massage, adding more water if necessary. Rinse off thoroughly.
  • Frequency of Application ~Use as needed any time you wish according to scalp and hair needs.

Natural Active Ingredients:

  • Phytoceuticals ~ All the formulas are enriched with phytoceuticals extracted from artichokes, rich in polyphenols with very strong antioxidant power.
  • Essential Oils ~ The fragrance contains cardamom, coriander and mint essential oils for a stimulating, antiseptic and soothing action.

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