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Scrub Shampoo

Scrub Shampoo

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Description: When a brand like Reuzel makes a line of shampoos and conditioners, you know they're designed to remove some serious goo. And that they do. Even the oil-based stuff. Even the Pink. But for removing those oil-based pomades there's a trick:

The top secret degreasing procedure is as follows. Dry hair. Conditioner. 10 minutes. Wet. Scrub Shampoo. Rinse. Daily Shampoo. Rinse. Maybe do it again. Conditioner. Done.

Make no mistake, the scrub strips all of the oils out of your hair, so you don't need this step if you're not using a super heavy product or oil-based pomade. And because it's important, we should note that the little scrubby bits are not the kind that end up killing fish in the ocean. Safe and biodegradable, this one.

Brand: Created by the scumbag godfathers of modern old school barbering, Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the name Reuzel is dutch for lard, a nod to the old days of pomade when the stuff was made from animal fat.

Directions: This is the step that really gets the pomade out of your hair and off your scalp. Scrub it good with your fingertips, getting it all the way down the scalp. You'll need to follow with a regular shampoo to get the last of the scrubby bits out.

Size: 11.38 oz

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