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Authentic Line • Nourishing Oil

Authentic Line • Nourishing Oil

$ 44.00

Description: Oils can do amazing things. They dissolve dirt and oil far better than water, which is why oil cleansing is a thing, and this does that quite well. It's a skin and hair treatment. It does post-shower stuff. It's good for cuticles.

Much like the eponymous Windex from that movie involving weddings, it does a whole bunch of everything (see the Secret Tips section).

Brand: Beardsgaard (and by extension, River Peak Apothecary) is a proud stockist of Davines, an exclusive professional haircare brand from Parma Italy, founded in 1983.

Davines is one of the best in the world at what they do, but far more than that, they use their resources and passion to make things better and make things beautiful – for your hair and for the planet.

The Authentic Line is a range of multi-tasking products (2-in-1 fellas, get ready to be converted to the good stuff) that are incredibly gentle, with 98-100% natural ingredients and no SLES / parabens / artificial colors / silicones / sulfates / PEGS.


Pretty much use it for everything. See below.

Secret Tips:

  • Hydrating treatment for skin and hair in crispy, dry climates
  • Gentle oil cleanser for face, including makeup removal (hey Juggalos)
  • Moisturizing post-shower body oil
  • Soothing for after-sun/burn care, including post-shave nourishing as an aftershave
  • Softens up gnarly cuticles
  • All sorts of other uses you'll probably think of when you're alone with a bottle of oil - but, like, maybe not that.

Size: 4.73 oz

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