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Looking for someone in particular? We are proud stockists of a plethora of small, heritage, handmade, world-class product lines from brands we can't live without. Explore them all here.
Captain Fawcett {Norfolk, UK}
Captain Percy Fawcett, intrepid explorer of the 19th century and inspiration for Indiana Jones, disappeared without a trace in the Amazon in 1925 under mysterious circumstances. But in 1997, his journals, were uncovered in a UK yard sale, of all places. Thus his records, recipes for his fine grooming requisites, and personal motto to "keep a stiff upper lip, regardless" were rediscovered and are now recreated and expanded upon by a dapper British biker dwarf king.
Davines {Parma, IT}
Beardsgaard (and by extension, River Peak Apothecary) is a proud stockist of Davines, an exclusive professional haircare brand from Parma Italy, founded in 1983. Davines is one of the best in the world at what they do, but far more than that, they use their resources and passion to make things better and make things beautiful – for your hair and for the planet.
Cat of Glazed Over and Fired Up is a local potter out of Elgin, and a dear friend of Beardsgaard. Each piece is handmade to our barber's exact specifications, but as they are all unique snowflakes, there may be some slight variation.
Hudson Made {Andes, NY}
Hudson Made New York is a lifestyle brand out of the Hudson Valley, offering their own line of shave and grooming gear, as well as other high quality regional products from other brands. They make great efforts to source their products locally, within 100 miles where possible.
Iron Heritage {Chicago, IL}
Iron Heritage is made by barber and stylist combo Mike and Jerri out of sweet home Chicago. Many of our clients already knew the barber half of the pair as Evil Barber Mike of Pete's Barbershop, some of our favorite Chicago barber dweebs. Now Mike and Jerri are on their own, and Iron Heritage has reached a whole new level.
Irving Barber Company {La Habra, CA}
Hailing from sunny California, these razors were crafted by Irving Barber Company specifically with barbers in mind, are used by all of the barbers in our shop, and are some of the finest razors we have ever handled. Barber approved.
Our friends at Merlin's Beard (a local company out of Wheaton, Illinois) create some mighty fine beard products, as well as beautiful goods from their wood shop, Camelot's Finest. Sometimes we team up and create magical things from both worlds from a brand we like to call Beardsgaard by Way of Camelot.
Midwest Beard & Mustache Company is a company so local, the founder drops off his fine products in person. Independently owned and operated as well as hand poured and packed in Aurora, Illinois, this line uses exceptionally high quality oils, and boasts a unique and varied line of scents.
Based out of California, as the name implies, this small, independent pomade company produces a great product with a fine level of attention to detail. It will certainly be one of the most stunning tins on your bathroom shelf.
Reuzel {Rotterdam, NL}
Created by the scumbag godfathers of modern old school barbering, Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the name Reuzel is dutch for lard, a nod to the old days of pomade when the stuff was made from animal fat.
River Peak Apothecary {Batavia, IL}
Our house brand, developed, tested and handmade right in Batavia, Illinois by the barbers of Beardsgaard.
Shear Revival {Asbury Park, NJ}
Shear Revival started in a small kitchen in Asbury Park, NJ in late 2013. Founder of the company, Zach West, is a barber by trade who set out to create a product that works, with ingredients that you can pronounce, made by hand.