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Map of the Realm

If you have arrived at this page, it means you want to go a good bit deeper than the general surface skimmers of the interwebs. The curious of the realm are well-rewarded. Let us show you around.

The Product Collections

River Peak Originals

Our beard and beyond products are made with carefully sourced ingredients, with natural and organic ingredients used whenever possible (the lip butters do contain flavor oils). But loads of handmade companies can say that.
River Peak Apothecary products are also formulated, tested and crafted by the barbers of Beardsgaard, made specifically for the tough beards, the lips that need a lot of love, and more.
And then there's all the other stuff. Keep on reading.

Beardsgaard By Camelot

In addition to our own products, we have also been known to do some co-branded lines with local maker friends. This was the first and still most fun for us, with a trilogy of beard products in scents for truly epic beards - Vikings, Wizards and Santas in particular.

Fresh Arrivals

The freshest, newest products to hit the apothecary shelves.

Back In Stock

Sometimes the supply lines are subject to orc raids and the shelves run bare of an item or two. As soon as our carts make it to the gates, you will find restocked items here.

All the Goods

Absolutely everything we have in store.

Browse By Brand

While our primary trade is in the products of River Peak, we make it our mission to find and stock unique, heritage, handmade and hard to find products sourced from stellar brands, both hyper-local and around the world.

Explore the rest of the real world, including Davines Professional Haircare, one of the finest anywhere on the planet, only sold by barber and beauty professionals.

The Library

Explore the Mythology

Beard and beyond brands are everywhere these days. 
Where we turn it up to 11, so to speak, is the rich world we have created here. Each new product we introduce becomes a location on the map wall of the realm that houses our products in real life.Each new bit that get
Each new bit that gets added to the map spins out stories and mythology that you can 

News of the Blog

Did you know we have a blog? We do! It's true! From actual news you need to know to our fantastical photo shoots and travels, get all the updates and stories here.
And don't forget to follow the day-to-day updates on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The Real World

The Brick and Mortar of Beardsgaard

Many webshoppes out in the ether are ethereal, living only online, where you can't see and smell and touch and try these products.
And while that is true for the majority of the world, if you happen to be within driving distance of the Chicagoland area, you can absolutely visit the real-life home of the Apothecary, Beardsgaard Barbers, in Batavia, Illinois.

Earn Gold for Quests

Rewards programs can be awesome, but they can also be boring. Spend, get, redeem, blah blah blah. So we decided to gamify things a bit. As is tradition.
In our version, you go on Quests, earn Gold, and then Redemptions. While some will stay the same over time (earning for spending in our shoppe), keep an eye out for new mythology challenge questions. We have more than a bit of fun with those.