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Brian Busch Et Tu Bertus Stickers

Artists by Beardsgaard

Brian Busch Et Tu Bertus Stickers

$ 3.00

Limited Edition

Description: Beardsgaard is proud to present a collaboration with local artists. Their artwork is presented for sale in the shop and on our webstore, in addition to a brand new design for a limited edition T-Shirt and sticker.

Brian is a handsome bearded painter and model builder with a penchant for making Tom Waits lino cuts. He also loves pomade, beard oil and dogs, not necessarily in that order.

Being a barbershop afficionado, Brian put together an ink-drawn homage to the one of the head Schorem scumbags himself, Bloody Bertus. If he were dead and Roman and died by shear, that is.

Waterproof and measuring 4" at their widest point, only 500 stickers will be printed, and when they're gone, they're gone.