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Gloomworld Octobarber Stickers

Artists by Beardsgaard

Gloomworld Octobarber Stickers

$ 3.00

Limited Edition

Description: Beardsgaard is proud to present a collaboration with local artists. Their artwork is presented for sale in the shop and on our webstore, in addition to a brand new design for a limited edition T-Shirt and sticker.

Nicholas Nickelby Johnson of Gloomworld is a weird guy in that special Beardsgaard way. He illustrates and paints demented little creatures and dudes in hazy, ethereal dreamscapes, with plenty of nerd and pop culture bits throughout.

For his Beardsgaard design, he plum out did himself. He brought to life (and we named him) Gudlaugr Thorgils the Octobarber, on a murderous rampage (as Viking Octobarbers are wont to do).

Waterproof and measuring 4" at their widest point, only 500 stickers will be printed, and when they're gone, they're gone.