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Brilliantine Grooming Cream

Iron Heritage

Brilliantine Grooming Cream

$ 13.00

Description: The phrase "light hold" is a turn-off to a lot of men in a hair product, but this one is a different breed, modeled after old-fashioned Brylcreem. It has a little bit of a sheen without being shiny, the hold is not a strong one, but it stays where you put it, and you can even run your fingers through it. One of our very favorite products, your barbers are more than a little rabid for this stuff.

Brand: Iron Heritage is made by our long-time Chicago barber buddy Mike and his partner/leading lady Jeri. Some product lines appeal to, say, gents who enjoy fine haberdashery. Iron Heritage, on the other hand, appeals to the types that enjoy a garage full of expensive motorcycles.

Directions: For smooth styles, dry hair into shape, work a small amount of product between your hands, and apply evenly throughout. Comb into shape. For curls, work and comb through slightly damp hair, style as usual.

Size: 4 oz