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Clay Matte Pomade


Clay Matte Pomade

$ 17.00

Description: Slick and shiny pomade looks are timeless and will always be one of our favorites. But not every style nor every hair type wants or needs the greasy stuff.

Reuzel to the rescue with a pair of matte hair goos. This one is a thicker, stiffer clay that lends a ton of oomph and body to finer hair.

Brand: Created by the scumbag godfathers of modern old school barbering, Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the name Reuzel is dutch for lard, a nod to the old days of pomade when the stuff was made from animal fat.

Directions: Remove a liberal amount from tin and emulsify in the palms. Apply to towel dried (75% dry) or blow dried hair, staring in the crown and working toward the front. Work scalp to ends thoroughly coating hair. Use more pomade over any dry spots, and finish by sculpt hair into desired shape.