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Essentials Line ~ Momo Hair Potion
Essentials Line ~ Momo Hair Potion
Essentials Line ~ Momo Hair Potion
Essentials Line ~ Momo Hair Potion
Essentials Line ~ Momo Hair Potion


Essentials Line ~ Momo Hair Potion

$ 25.00

Description: A deeply hydrating line for locking in light, water-based moisture, leaving hair soft, shiny and quenched.

Brand: Beardsgaard (and by extension, River Peak Apothecary) is a proud stockist of Davines, an exclusive professional haircare brand from Parma Italy, founded in 1983.

Davines is one of the best in the world at what they do, but far more than that, they use their resources and passion to make things better and make things beautiful – for your hair and for the planet.

Read more about the Essentials Line and Momo.


  • Universal leave-in moisturizing cream that leaves the hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.
  • It can be applied to towel-dried hair primarily with the products of the Momo line, but also after any Essential Haircare shampoo and conditioner. It can also be applies to dried hair after styling. Its silky, but light texture does not wet the hair.

Natural Active Ingredients:

  • With Paceco Cartucciaru Yellow Melon extract, Slow Food Presidium
  • Rich in water, vitamins and mineral salts, it gives prolonged hydration.
  • In the early 17th century, the growing of melons was very common in the agricultural villages near Trapani, Italy. After the late harvest, melons were stored on terraces or hung on balconies until Christmas when, once sliced, they were enjoyed for their sweetness and juiciness. To protect the Presidium, after obtaining the extract, the melon seeds are sent back to Mrs. Simonte so she can plant them again.
  • Producer: the farm of Mrs. Francesca Simonte from Dattilo, Trapani

    Size: 5.07 oz