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Flathead Water Soluble Pomade

Iron Heritage

Flathead Water Soluble Pomade

$ 13.00

Description: We have tried a lot of pomades in our day, but this one is really different. It has a slip that make it easier to spread and apply than a lot of other formulas.

Once it's combed through it works well on hair that might usually be too fine for pomade, but can also grip thick, soft, slippery manes in a way we still have a hard time believing.

This is a water-based formula, which means it rinses out with just water. It also smells fantastic, kind of like a high-end garage and a bit like aftershave. Bikers, this is your pomade.

Brand: Iron Heritage is made by our long-time Chicago barber buddy Mike and his partner/leading lady Jeri. Some product lines appeal to, say, gents who enjoy fine haberdashery. Iron Heritage, on the other hand, appeals to the types that enjoy a garage full of expensive motorcycles.

Directions: Apply liberally to dry, pre-styled hair, and comb through into shape. Note that if you apply to damp hair, water-based pomades lose about 2/3 of their hold. If you want great hair, learn to wield that blow dryer.

Size: 4 oz