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Beard Wax / Natural

Merlin's Beard

Beard Wax / Natural

$ 16.00

Description: While beard oils are primarily for moisture, beard balms and waxes start with an oil base and add a bit of beeswax and other solid emollient ingredients for extra pliability and control. Make no mistake, you're not waxing your bear into place a la mustache wax with this stuff, it melts down to liquid when rubbed between the hands.

While great for pretty much any unruly beard, it is especially helpful for fine and/or curly beards, as well as shorter beards, and gives your face creature a downright meaty feel while smoothing down and controlling the wonky tonks.

Available in two scents:
Natural: No essential oils added for scent, any smell the product has is from raw, natural ingredients. Super simple and won't compete with cologne or scented beard oils.
Spiced: Warm and perfect for the cold seasons, has a nice bit of clove to it.

Brand: Our friends at Merlin's Beard (a local company out of Wheaton, Illinois) create some mighty fine beard products, as well as beautiful goods from their wood shop, Camelot's Finest. Sometimes we team up and create magical things from both worlds from a brand we like to call Beardsgaard by Way of Camelot.

Directions: Using thumbnail, scrape small amount of balm into palm. Rub between hands to warm into a near-liquid state, apply evenly to the exterior of the beard, working into interior. Comb through. Apply daily.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil

Size: 2 oz