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Mustache Wax / Spiced

Merlin's Beard

Mustache Wax / Spiced

$ 7.00

Description: This is a slightly softer Beeswax and Lanolin based wax which gives a moderate hold and softens whiskers with continued use. If you are growing out a lip duster and would like to keep it out of your food, this is your wax.

If you are looking for hard waxed points, this is not the best wax - where it shines, however, is with more natural mustache grooming and training of newer mustaches, all without a bit of the thick chalkiness some waxes seem to provide.

Available in two scents:
Natural: No essential oils added for scent, any smell the product has is from raw, natural ingredients. Super simple and won't compete with cologne or scented beard oils.
Spiced: Warm and perfect for the cold seasons, has a nice bit of clove to it.

Brand: Our friends at Merlin's Beard (a local company out of Wheaton, Illinois) create some mighty fine beard products, as well as beautiful goods from their wood shop, Camelot's Finest. Sometimes we team up and create magical things from both worlds from a brand we like to call Beardsgaard by Way of Camelot.

Directions: Scrape a small amount of wax out with the back of your thumbnail and soften between finger. Apply to mustache, comb through and style as desired.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils

Size: 1 oz