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Shave Oil

Merlin's Beard

Shave Oil

$ 18.00

Description: Thicker and richer than most, this velvety, buttery shave oil can be used alone for a smooth, full visibility shave (especially good around beards), or as a preparation before applying shave cream to enhance glide, lubrication, and keep shave lather more moist for the duration of your shave. This one is only scented by the natural oils used (no essential oils or scents added), so it will allow any scented shave soap to shine.

Brand: Our friends at Merlin's Beard (a local company out of Wheaton, Illinois) create some mighty fine beard products, as well as beautiful goods from their wood shop, Camelot's Finest. Sometimes we team up and create magical things from both worlds from a brand we like to call Beardsgaard by Way of Camelot.

Directions: After a shower or hot towel, apply a layer to softened stubble, top with shave cream or soap if desired (not the chemical goo you get out a can, proper shave lather), and shave as usual. For beard lining, use oil alone for full visibility.

Size: 1 oz