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Model T (Tin Lizzy) Hair Dressing Wax Pomade

Iron Heritage

Model T (Tin Lizzy) Hair Dressing Wax Pomade

$ 13.00

Description: Many modern water-based pomades are formulated to give height and maximum hold. Pomades in the old days were made with animal fat (and scented with apples so you didn't smell like bacon and presumably get eaten by bears) and were meant to compact hair down and smooth it into place.

While those two formulas are so different they could hardly be considered the same category of hair product, this grease is beeswax-based with nourishing soft oils, and tames down a head of thick, dense Lego man hair something fierce.

This is old school Dapper Dan stuff, rarely washed, but always looking stellar with its not too shiny sheen and flawless finish.

Brand: Iron Heritage is made by our long-time Chicago barber buddy Mike and his partner/leading lady Jeri. Some product lines appeal to, say, gents who enjoy fine haberdashery. Iron Heritage, on the other hand, appeals to the types that enjoy a garage full of expensive motorcycles.

Directions: For straight, slicked styles, apply liberally to dry, pre-styled hair, and comb through into shape. For styles with a little natural wave or curl, use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to style. Wear this one for days on end, just recombing in the morning and washing once or twice a week when needed.

Size: 4 oz