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More Inside Line • This Is A Strong Dry Wax

More Inside Line • This Is A Strong Dry Wax

$ 32.00

Description: It's for defined matte textures / Ideal for a creative and extreme look, or a matte, smooth look. 


  • matte and dry effect
  • hold and separation of the strands of hair
  • leaves hair neither greasy nor sticky

Hold Factor: 5 of 5

Brand: Beardsgaard (and by extension, River Peak Apothecary) is a proud stockist of Davines, an exclusive professional haircare brand from Parma Italy, founded in 1983. 

The More Inside Line is made for all genders, but it's particularly man friendly - no fancy names, just an exact description of what the thing is, wrapped in beautiful paper wrappers that feature vintage Italian wallpaper patterns on the outside, and neat instructions on the inside. Fancifully utilitarian, if you will.

Davines is one of the best in the world at what they do, but far more than that, they use their resources and passion to make things better and make things beautiful – for your hair and for the planet.

Directions: Distribute a small amount between fingertips, apply to dry hair. Proceed to style.

Extra Styling Tip: Want to defy gravity? Apply Texturizing Dust to the roots of dry hair and finish with Strong Dry Wax.

Formulation Characteristics:

  • Extra Moisturizing Factor: a synergy of different ingredients with high moisturizing power that facilitates the deposit of water molecules on the hair shaft. The gradual release of these ingredients enhances product performance and keeps hair healthy and moisturized longer. The extra moisturizing factor is a common element to all More Inside products.
  • Anti-Flaking Factor: the formulas have been carefully calibrated to minimize the content of resins in order to reduce “flaking” but without losing the effectiveness of the product.

Sustainability: Each product in the More Inside line is part of the Zero Impact Lifegate Project. Production of each packaging component are offset by reforestation and forestry protection efforts around the world, and all paper is FSC certified, coming from responsibly managed forests in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

    Size: 3.38 oz

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