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Prohibition Bakery

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Prohibition Bakery

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Prohibition Bakery

By Leslie Feinberg (Author), Brooke Siem (Author)

Overview: These 50 cupcakes have a kick! The product of Prohibition Bakery, a downtown hole in the wall, they're simply the best, the booziest treats in Manhattan. Each diminutive cake is a perfect, delicious balance of texture, flavor, and fragrance. That's why an astonishing variety of fans, from Food & Wine to Playboy, Newsweek, and, have come together to heap praise upon bakers Leslie Feinberg and Brooke Siem for their creations. Make a “Dark & Stormy” (Gosling Rum, ginger beer, and lime), an  “Old Fashioned” (whiskey, bitters, orange, and a whiskey-soaked cherry), or other cupcake and you’ll become a convert from the very first bite.

About the Author(s): Prohibition Bakery owners Leslie Feinberg, a former bartender, and Brooke Siem, a former chef, created New York City’s first alcoholic cupcake company in 2011. Since then, the Lower East Side cupcakery has garnered acclaim from Food & Wine, The Today Show, Huffington Post,,, Playboy, the Village Voice, Newsweek, the Washington Post, Serious Eats, and Maxim, among many others.

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 320 pages, all in color

Trim: 6 x 8.5 Inches