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Sticker • Rainbow Flying Gerbil Club


Sticker • Rainbow Flying Gerbil Club

$ 1.00

This thing was dreamed up by our Shop Kid Extraordinaire Morgan, at the time about 4 years old. We were at a barbecue, much like we are today, and we left her alone with a group of drunk adults for a minute. When we came back, she was taking them through the wormhole to the land of the rainbow flying gerbil, and they were all MESMERIZED.

So when we started imagining this world of Beardsgaard, obviously the The Rainbow Flying Gerbil/ShopKid had to be included, in all his chaotic glory, ruling over the Isle of Rodensia.

The fact that this child constantly threatens to take our jobs one day/tells the kids that this is HER shop is what informs the Rainbow Flying Gerbil’s hunger for power, and the adventures of the small creatures of Rodensia are a fairly direct, if dramatized telling of their stories.

All the best nerd properties all have easter eggs. This is one of ours. And if you’re a deep canon type (read the whole Mythology here), you can feel rightly smug in having this is a piece of information (and sticker). If you're a child and physically at Beardsgaard Barbers you can get one of these for free, but if you're not, you can get them here.

2.5" waterproof round sticker on white background.