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{Last Remaining} The Essential Book of Homesteading
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{Last Remaining} The Essential Book of Homesteading

$ 24.95

The Essential Book of Homesteading: The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living

By Ashley English (Author)

Overview: All the information you need to homestead—gathered in one ultimate, essential book!

In barnyards and backyards, on rooftops and in alleyways, a movement is happening—the modern homesteading movement. Whether it’s turning a lawn into a vegetable garden, getting a flock of chickens, or transforming cucumbers into pickles, people everywhere are taking charge of their own food supply. Ashley English, a major figure in the return to homesteading, gives newcomers her time-honored tips for successfully overseeing food production in their own homes. Totally updating material from her phenomenal homesteading books—Keeping Bees, Keeping Chickens, Canning & Preserving, and Home Dairy—this collection covers everything from preserving jams and jellies to whipping butter and keeping a hive of honeybees.  Ashley provides entry points, troubleshooting tips, and inspiration for putting the food your family consumes back in your own hands.  

Praise: “Beginning beekeepers will appreciate the background information as well as practical instructional guides. Overall, a detail-laden volume ideal for hobbyists and serious DIYers.” —Booklist

About the Author(s): Ashley English has degrees in both holistic nutrition and sociology. She has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations committed to social and agricultural issues, and is a member of Slow Food USA. Ashley and her husband live in Candler, NC, with their menagerie of chickens, dogs, cats, and bees. Visit her at

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 368 pages, all in color

Trim: 8 x 9 Inches

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