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Wood Handled Straight Razor • Scalpmaster
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Wood Handled Straight Razor • Scalpmaster

$ 30.00

Shaving with a straight razor is a time honored tradition that scores of modern men are rediscovering. The problem is, learning to shave with it is only part of the battle. Honing and stropping a perfect edge is an entire other art, and if you don't do that well, even the best shaving skills won't save your face.

Instead many men are opting for the changeable-blade razors that most barbers use in the shop. You can get a cheap plastic-handled razor for about $10, but the quality, weight, distribution of that weight, and hold on the blade make the difference between a decent shave and a great one.  

This lovely little razor splits the baby nicely. It is both affordable and beautiful with a sleek and grippable wood handle, and is an excellent entry into the world of traditional wet shaving.

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