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The Mythology of Beardsgaard ~ VII ~ The Saga of Frostwood ~ .vii

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Let us tell you a tale.

≈ VII ≈

vii. The Saga of Frostwood

The stones, as Rhewil told Mithrilon, contained the blood of the Firsts, the light of the sun and moon, the breath of the creator, and the earth of the land where the Firsts found their place in the world. They contained all of the magic, the power, and the soul of each of the realm’s peoples.

The Vanir, and to a slightly lesser extent, the gods, held their magic close, and it was powerful in both of those races, with or without their stones.

The light and dark elves, while not as fluently magical as the gods and Vanir, still understood their magic deeply, and even the most lowly of them possessed a firm grasp on their inborn magical abilities.

The ice and fire elementals were almost pure magic of their kind, but only immortals and the elementals themselves know anything of those wild, savage lands, mere mortal form cannot withstand the elemental power of those places.

And then there were the giants and dwarves and humans. They each held a quiet magic of their own, some more overt than others, but none strongly enough to be seen as true magic.

While each of the races held a kind of magic that was unique to them, each only had the ability to channel these elements. With the Míresgal of each of the lands, one of that bloodline could channel and summon their individual element of magic out of whole cloth.

And if a hand not of the blood of each stone were to attempt to touch it or wield its power, that power would be turned back upon that hand in ways that brooked no argument.

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