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The Spruce Plot • Morton Arboretum

  The Spruce Plot • Winter • Lisle, Illinois You can find video and gallery down in the post, but get all of the above with this immersive blend of all the things. You even get different experiences on mobile and desktop! Hidden gems are our favorite sorts of gems. Why would you want gems people leave lying about all willy nilly? Well, this one isn't exactly hidden, those in Chicagoland have probably driven past it for most of their lives, perhaps with the occasional vague wondering of what that Arboretum thing is about. Is it a forest preserve? Well, sort of, in that there are trees and trails and such, but the Morton Arboretum is a 1,700 acre living...

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A Song of Ice & Hot Tubs • Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest • Winter • Herod, Illinois You can find video and gallery at the bottom of the post, but get all of the above with this immersive blend of all the things. We’re leveling up, Gaardians. It seems to now be tradition that we end up in a hot tub in the middle of the Shawnee National Forest in January. click to see full image Last year it was just Blademaiden, on the back end of a Reuzel teaching trip, but this time, the Beardsgaards did Shawnee together. And NOT for work. Sort of. You are reading this post, after all. One of these two has a little trouble shutting off. No, it’s the less furry one For...

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Hoodies Fit For for the Night's Watch

  River Peak Hoodies have finally arrived on our shores and are ready and waiting to caress your entire upper half with their Sherpa Fleece-lined magic. If you know anything of the rare and precious oils we use in our products, you know that price is of little import when we create the items we offer to our clients (see = Petitgrain, Champaca, Agarwood, Blue Tansy, etc). Craftsmanship and function are paramount, always. A thick and soft outer layer conceals cozy Sherpa Fleece lining, altogether 30% heavier than our Beardsgaard hoodie. It is made for chilly nights of camping, cold weather camping, or just a typical commute through the windblown wilds of Chicago. Adding an extra sprinkle of luxury we...

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Misty River Mornings • Batavia Riverwalk

Batavia Riverwalk • Winter • Batavia, Illinois Some mornings sunrise means little, a fading of blues to lighter blues and nothing more. The world turns into a misted cool shroud - except where the fog parts and allows peeks at the 19th century building across the river. And then when it turns out to be the first Tuesday of the month in the Middle West, and the hour has rolled around to 10 am, and the tornado test siren hits, it gets quite Silent Hill out in these parts. Now go, to your favorite little “just outside your door” hike.

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