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The Faces of Beardsgaard ~ Fjordmist

The faces of Beardsgaard series takes you inside the story and the world of each of our products ~ our real live regular clients, cut by the barbers of Beardsgaard, groomed by River Peak Apothecary, and on location, often just off the beaten path. Journey to our realm, nerds. And make sure to catch the full video at the bottom of this post. SCENT MEMORY The human animal has five senses, but only two of them pass through the portion of the mind linked to emotion and memory. Of the five, only taste and smell can instantly bring to you faraway and long ago places. A favorite childhood treat baking in the oven. The way a favorite aunt's house sometimes...

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Introducing: Emerald Honey Lip Butter

We come out with a new lip butter flavor with the turning of each new season. It's really quite collectible.  And with a name like Emerald Honey, one might be led to believe that honey would be a flavor note of note in this lip butter. But while the beautiful beeswax we use lends a note of honey to all our lip butters, the honey we speak of here is of both the dew and suckle variety. The light but heady florals of honeysuckle play over the top of fragrant green tea, rounded out with the sweetness of honeydew melon, all to make for a delicate, craveable springtime flavor blend. And it is now available in the webshoppe. Get yours...

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Spring Origins

{Offer expired, all originals have left the shop. But the new are in full force and available as always} People often ask which is our most popular beard oil scent. We do not have a good answer for that. Because our scents are based upon the seasons, the most popular scent is whichever season it is right now. And so spring has sprung. That means that when the new packaging arrived, we had a bit of a stash of the springier scented oils, Fjordmist and Spiritbrook, on hand with the original labels still. But that means you can get those bottles for $6 off the regular price until they're gone (which won't be long, we know our Wildlings) by using the secret...

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The New Face of the Apothecary

Natural fragrances are a beautiful thing. Plant and nature-based essential oils, CO2s and absolutes deliver a very different experience than lab-created chemical scents. Not better or worse (depending on your perspective), but natural scents, to us, take you on a journey that the man-made smells cannot. To protect precious but volatile compounds from destructive light (especially sunlight), apothecaries of old have often employed amber bottles to filter the light. Many beard oil brands use boxes to do the job of colored glass, which also adds extra protection in shipping, which we do quite a bit of these days. When we began River Peak Apothecary, much like its motherland barbershop of Beardsgaard, it was with some scrounged extra funds, a hiking of...

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