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About River Peak Apothecary

Ho, Countrymen!

Welcome to the apothecary of Beardsgaard Barbers.

In the land of Beardsgaard lie the kingdoms of Manegard, Beardenheim and Shavehalla, the kingdoms bordered by great ranges of misty mountains and rushing rivers.

Where the twain meet rises a great peak, topped by a dark tower. In that tower dwells a mad alchemist, his vast apothecary stocked with the magical potions the residents of Beardsgaard require.

This is River Peak Apothecary.

Also, it's this place in Batavia, Illinois that you can visit. This whole world is literally mapped out on the wall on which our products reside, along with Mustacheshire, Pomme Bay and Blademount. Take some guesses what kinds of products go there.

Yes, there be nerds here. And dragons.

But mostly we are barbers with exceptionally high standards for the products we offer our clients. And with a name like Beardsgaard, you know we know beards.

Which is why we have been on a mission since we opened our shop in September 2014 to find and stock unique, heritage, handmade and hard to find products sourced from stellar brands, both hyper-local and around the world.

But even with all of those beautiful goods at our disposal, the elfish and dwarven owners and barbers of Beardsgaard still found themselves longing for something tailored to the legendary working man's beards that frequent our little off-the-beaten-path barbershop.

So in September 2015, after a tome of research and experimentation on our local human guinea pigs, we launched our line of beard products made specifically for beasts of beards. Also for giant nerds, because we were raised on evar so much Tolkien.

Then we started making even more products, not all of them even for beards. As you may imagine, a grooming company that builds a fantasy world with full-on written mythology is not the kind to stop at that, because we always have more preciouses being tinkered with in the Apothecary tower.

We also work with local businesses, craftspeople and artists to make co-branded Beardsgaard by... creations, barber nerd-themed shirts and stickers from some talented local artists, and so much more.

Basically, we have all the good stuff here. Treat yo' self and journey to our realm (and if you like, check out the Map of the Realm to find your way around).

With greatest regards,

The Barbers
Tyler & Natalie Anderson
{otherwise known as Beardsmith and Blademaiden}
117 South Batavia Avenue
Batavia, Illinois 60510
River Peak Apothecary